From my very first day, Nusic London imparted me with a significant sense of responsibility and inclusion. My regular tasks included pitching client publicity services to brands, and arranging for clients to attend (and escorting them to) high profile events, which included London Fashion Week 2016. I also assisted in the organisation of press shoots and high profile events and consulted clients on their social media posts and presentation. Each day I was faced with extremely diverse and stimulating assignments, where I was given the opportunity to overcome professional challenges, alongside expanding my new and consistently developing PR skills. My mentors instruction of the agency’s work formula and priorities were taught to me in such a clear and informative manner, that within a few weeks of my internship, I was able to determine my own jobs, based on a firm understanding of Nusic’s work. 

While the quantity of tasks was high, I always felt perfectly comfortable asking other members of the Nusic team for advice, support or when voicing my concerns regarding anything in particular. Furthermore, I was able to quickly develop close relationships with each client on Nusic’s celebrity roster, speaking with them directly on a daily basis to relay important information, as well as assisting the Head of PR to consult them on fundamental, career-influencing decisions. By the end of my internship, I truly felt as though I had made a significant contribution towards enhancing each client’s profile within top-tier media outlets and within other major PR companies. Ultimately, Nusic London is a company that promotes an exceptional culture of professionalism, client-based passion and opportunity. It’s highly experienced team of experts show great respect to your contribution and will considerably reward you for your work ethic, enthusiasm and commitment to learn.

Alex Halpern - @alexchalpern