Nusic London is a leading boutique Celebrity and Brand PR agency. We specialise in all areas of entertainment, media and public relations Our teams creative hands on approach combined with expert knowledge and wisdom ensures the greatest possible results for our clients. 


A little of what we do..

brand pr: We believe successful PR is not gained by trying to secure basic editorial or local press, but by creating and implementing bespoke campaigns with a proven strategic approach. Our aim is to find the perfect balance between traditional and digital PR. 

Creative: We have a team of award winning of photographers, videographers, designers and stylists. Who combined can create striking content to achieve the greatest possible results to compliment our clients campaigns. To protect our clients we ensure all shoots are covered by a syndication agreement which ensures that images cannot be reused without our prior permission.

Social: Measurable, visible and effect social media is priceless. We work with our clients to build and maintain an online community that are active, loyal and most importantly engaged. We believe that getting millions of eye balls is completely useless if you don't get millions of hearts as well. 

Personal PR: We work with creative professionals, including singers, actors, presenters and reality stars. Our strategy is two-fold: working towards our clients overall success.

crisis PR:  WE keep a close eye on the media to ensure that our clients privacy is not invaded. We are extremely protective of our clients' personal lives and aim to consistently keep positive relationships with the media on behalf of our clients.

Events: Every event we manage be it an album launch party or press screening benefits from a bespoke creative treatment. One of our great strengths is being able to extend the reach of an event onto social media. When you hit the ‘trending’ lists, you know your event is making an impact both within the room and externally. That’s our ultimate goal.